A brand refresh for a platform that powers technology in the classroom.


A variety of graphic and web collateral spanning events to overall branding application. Working together with the client, over time our team helped implement a friendlier and more graphic approach to their brand. We updated their icons, created new marketing landing pages and developed new visual standards to help Clever tell their story in an empathetic and trustworthy way.


• Art-direction
• Visual design
• Email campaigns
• Marketing pages
• Illustration
• Iconography


Brand Visual Guidelines

Excerpts from the 85pg brand application guide.



The previous icon set had done its job up to this point, but seemed flat when applied in context. The decision was made to adopt a friendlier, more colourful style and refresh the entire icon set. Based on some feedback provided by the client, I worked off of 2 or 3 examples of inspiration to generate 30+ icons. Designers often have to work with assets generated by others, so I was conscious of trying to make icons that were flexible. I tried to find a balance between being usable as small accent icons and large spot illustrations or hero images.

Clever Badges Email Campaign

Iterations on an email blast announcing Clever for Chromebooks and iPads.

Announcement V5 Text.png
Announcement V5 Splash.png
Announcement V4.png
Set up email.png

"Champion" Logomark

Clever__ .png
Clever__  copy.png
Clever__  copy 2.png
Clever__  copy 3.png

Camp Clever

A retreat to foster collaboration and team growth.