Motion Graphics


Motion graphics, animated typography, narrative visual storytelling and editorial video content.


I've been lucky enough to work on animated visuals for a variety of applications. I am fascinated by motion design and its possibilities in terms of creating compelling narrative video content, and aim to learn something new about the process and how to improve it with every project I do.

Roles within this process

• UX / UI animations
• Bumpers and ID's
• Illustrations
• Storyboarding / ideation
• Art-direction & graphic design
• B-roll & asset sourcing
• Animation
• Video production and export

Duke's BBQ

An old BBQ sign animated in a neon-style. I designed the logo, then animated it along with Jake Bartlett's great skillshare class "Animating with Light". This was a ton of fun and I can already see how I could use this in other applications.


Some self-exploration of animated pixel-sorted imagery. Done with Processing and After Effects.

Iphone X vs. Note 8 explainer

Lower Thirds

Some news-style animations featuring several layers of UI design and animation.

Video Editing

I am obsessed with how reality-tv shows and bad documentaries are edited, I love how jarring and fast the cuts and graphics can be. I made a few seconds of a fake aliens show to see if I could replicate some of the techniques. I also put a stylish channel bumper on the front to make it feel a little more real. As stupid as this is, I learned a lot.

90s or Now?

This piece came out of an editorial discussion one morning about fashion trends and how the 90s seem to continue to dominate the market. We tossed around some ideas for video content and together came up with the idea of slides of celebrities with their faces blurred out and asking the user to guess 90S OR NOW? I sourced all the content and got a rough cut together, and by the next afternoon we published the piece.

Nike Airmax Day

A rundown on some of the gear being released this year on Airmax Day. Good luck gettin these. I tried to make this as smooth as I could, with some 3D title movement and subtle parallax transitions.

Destinations for Animal Lovers

Human or AI?

Google released audio of it's new advanced text-to-speech AI, and it is mindblowing. We put the AI and human comparisons into a video to see if users can tell the difference. Had lots of fun with those audio-to-waveform visuals.

MWC 2018

Did a little visual overview of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. Showed some new products, and got to use some slick transitions. We didn't have an promo materials or graphics, so I lifted the graphics from the official website, and cut them out in photoshop to animate in after effects.

5 new Russian designers

A list of five new Russian fashion designers who AREN'T Gosha Rubchinskiy.