Motion graphics and video content for Zero, an Italian lifestyle and editorial publication.


Every hour of every day of every month the ZERO media send over half a million young people, with a guide for each city: Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Florence, Naples, the capitals of Veneto, and from 2011 also Istanbul, in Turkey.


Zero is a lifestyle publication based in Italy which publishes a variety of food, music and culture-related content. In terms of content that worked for video content on VEON, we leveraged their Top 10 lists. To make them more exciting for VEON users, I jazzed them up with photos and slick transitions to make them more visually engaging and interesting. These were really fun to do and allowed for a lot of experimentation. Zero was thrilled with these, and began writing more lists to accommodate this format.


• Art-direction
• Visual design
• Animation
• Video production

Best Ramen in Milan

Coolest buildings in Milan

Best beer hall in Milan

Best vegetarian in Milan

Best chinese food in Milan

Best beaches in Italy